Floor is made by blocks, and each type of block has unique properties.

Block Description Floor
Block Regular block 1+
One way You can jump over this blocks 1+
Walking machine Speed up/Slow down depending on the side you walk 3+
Droppable Disappear after 1.4 seconds 5+
Togglable Appear/Disappear every 0.5 seconds 6+


Powers are items that could be picked up, they change your stats for a briefly size of time.

Power Description Floor
Life Heal for 1 life 2+
Clock Freeze the time for 5 seconds 2+
Battery 1.2x Speed up for 5 seconds 3+
Super battery 1.4x Speed up for 5 seconds 4+
Broken battery 0.8x Speed down for 5 seconds 5+
Jetpack Fly in a jetpack for 1.25 seconds 5+
Two lives Heal for 2 lives 7+
Mushroom Grow up and break everything in your way for 10 seconds 7+
Roulette Pick an item from all the items pool 8+


Specials are objects that can’t be picked up but interact with DROID7.

Special Description Floor
Spikes Spikes hurt you 2+
Springboard Jump higher using springboards 3+
Teleport Teleport to a higher position 4+
Door Escape! 10


Enemies hurt DROID7 when they touch it, all enemies have the same behaviour and make the same damage.

Enemies Description Floor
Red Red enemy 4+
Orange Orange enemy 4+
Yellow Yellow enemy 4+
Lime Lime enemy 4+
Green Green enemy 4+


  • When you pick up a clock Clock laser movement is stopped, but also spikes Spikes and floors Droppable Togglable Walking machine are disabled
  • Spikes Spikes take a little time to activate, you can use that lapse of time to jump and avoid damage
  • You can jump just before touching the floor, that could help you to avoid spikes Spikes damage
  • You can find just one teleport Teleport in all the building, if you see it, just take it
  • Roulettes always cycle between all items in the same order (Life Two lives Super battery Battery Broken battery Jetpack Mushroom Clock)
  • In the boss level you can find 2 lives Life in the 7th brick, you just need to guide Doc to break it

Cheat codes

Cheat codes will ruin your game experience, they will make the game really easy to beat and maybe it could look boring, use them with consideration.

You can use cheat codes by pausing the game and typing the code, some cheats need the level to be restarted to re-generate the map. If you want to stop using cheats, just restart the game completely and they will be gone.

Code Description Restart?
cool Who doesn’t want to wear sunglasses? No
godlike Immortality No
healthy Heal up to max health Life No
easy Spikes Spikes will no longer appear on the building Yes
freeze Clocks Clock will appear more frequently Yes
bounce Springboards Springboard will appear more frequently Yes
maverick Jetpacks Jetpack will appear more frequently Yes
toad Mushrooms Mushroom will appear more frequently Yes

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